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    Delhi (India) is a registered company under the Indian Company Act, 1956. True to its name, this company runs its business with full moral responsibility and spirit of humanity. Our goal is not to be guided by just profit or loss but to provide our customers qualitative study material. By performing this task, we are not doing any favour to our clients, but only protecting their rights.

    Our directors had a vision almost twenty-five years ago which motivated us to work harder to make our humble contribution in the field of education. In the aftermath of that vision, we started this holy journey. Undoubtedly,only through right means, we can achieve right ends.

    Today, there are more than eight dozen scholars, writers and accomplished friends associated with us, who are directly or indirectly (affiliated with) working with Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Milia Islamia University; IIT, Delhi; DTU, Delhi; Jammu University and many professors of Bihar,U.P, and Rajasthan. We have published more than 500 titles and Pan India base of our products. Apart from that 200 different types of e-learning materials are available for skill development.


    Sanjay Kumar, a man of unique and manifold achievements, combined in one, was born and brought up in a middle class family in Sitamarhi district in Bihar. Apart from being a National Scholarship holder, he is also an alumni of Delhi University holding the honored degree of MA and PGDHJ in History and Journalism respectively. Apart from this he holds a degree of CPEM from the IIFT, Delhi. As an author he is versatile and prolific. He initiated his career with competition focused magazines and books. His exceptional contribution as an editor of Pratiyogita Samrat and MnM series (Jawahar Publishers & distributors, Delhi) cannot be overlooked. He was even a visiting Fulbright scholar at Vaid's ICS, Vajiram & Ravi and various career oriented TV shows. Formerly he was also joint- partner of Interaction IAS Academy. Being a versatile and eminent journalist, he lent his helping hand to Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi), CSR (Hindi) and Civil Services Chronicles etc. as a content provider. He is a well-known figure in the publication Industry and has edited more than 500 books till now. His twenty years experience and exceptionally outstanding achievements in the field of academic and career related content marks him out as a distinguished personnel. His talent is not just confined to writing as he has also worked in the field of media with ace News channels and National Daily.

    Currently he is chief editor of Friends' Media and logistic focused Hindi monthly "Awagaman". He adds stars to his distinguished and exclusive personality to be the MD of Straightforward Publishers Pvt. Ltd. and Shubham Publication. The entire family of the Straightforward Publishers and Shubham Publication is flourishing and strengthening day- by- day under his guidance.

    Indu Singh is a distinct and industrious personality who hails from a respectable family of Muzzaffarpur Bihar. Apart from being an almuni of the reputed Balika Vidya Mandir, Nanital she holds a post graduate degree in Geography (with outstanding result). She initiated her career as an author in Jawahar Publisher. She has done prodigious contribution to Kiran Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., Avishkar Prakashan, and Straight Forward Publishers Pvt. Ltd.. Her works ranges from editing 100 books till date to her exceptional contribution to the editing of M & M series by Jawahar Publisher. Being a person with multifaceted talent, she was even an active member of an NGO. Her accomplishments are not limited within the publication industry but even includes her contribution to avenues of e-learning by Friends Media. Currently she is the director of Straight Forward Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Delhi (India).

  • Content Development

    STRAIGHT FORWARD PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. is one of the largest content developer of India. Our clients are: Competition Success Review, Upkar Publication, Jawahar Publishers & Distributors, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, India Today Group, Kusuma Foundation, Vaji Ram & Ravi, IAS. etc...

    We understand our client better because different client needs are also different. Some require instructor-led Learning, some distance learning, some e-learning. While some demand a mix of different models of learning.

    We provide all types and all subject content in given time span. We follow the entire content life cycle,which includes content writing, editing, page setup (in Word, PageMaker and InDesign Format), Graphics Designing etc. We deliver content as per client requirement.


    Core Area of Straight Forward Publishers are:

    Indira Gandhi Open University – IGNOU; more than 300 books on different subjects are available.

    Delhi University - DU; 100 books on DU Humanity, Social Science and Commerce (Graduation Level) books are published by Straight Forward Publishers.

    Books on Civil Services; 25 books on Civil Services, General Studies and other subjects are published by Straight Forward Publishers.

    Competitive Exams and General Books; more than 100 books are published on different types of Competition and Entrance Test books published by Straight Forward Publishers.

    Skill Development; more than 200 software developed by us for Craftsman training scheme.

    We publish books in different medium.

    Apart from English, we publish books in Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, etc.

  • E-Learning

    The success and effectiveness of e-Learning is best observed in terms of how well the content communicates with the learner and enhances the pedagogical level. Therefore, it is inevitable to create e-Learning content that matches its learning goals as well as business objectives. Certain aspects of our Custom e-learning services are


    e-books and Apps

    Classroom Supportive e-package


    Value Additions

    Voice over

    Video Shoots


    Dedicated resources

    In-house Production Unit

    Any study material should present in

    audio-video format

    Most Organizations agree unanimously on the benefits of e-Learning, they are also aware of the extensive planning IT requires and are often overwhelmed by it. At this stage of planning and preparation, STRAIGHT FORWARD PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. extends its support to its clients across multiple industries.

    We also provide LMS services which help in easily managing the training large groups of learners through a web-based environment with anytime, anywhere accessibility. LMS hosts content, presentations, videos, assessments - all in one single platform thus providing a holistic learning environment.

  • Multimedia and Animation

    The Multimedia and Animation services aim at fulfilling the varied learning needs of clients across globe.

    WBTs Conversion of ILTs & WBTs

    Simulations & Gaming Audio Integration

    Multimedia 2D & 3D elements

    Illustrations Simulations

    Flash-based Interactivities


  • Book On Demand

    We are publishing books on demand for different Universities, especially for distance learning modules. Some important features of this Scheme are

    Syllabus is prescribed by the University and accordingly the qualitative study material is prepared by our research team.

    Logo, name and other matter on the cover are of the same University which demand study material according to their syllabus. However, the copyright remains with the publisher.

    The price of the book is determined by mutual consent and it depends upon the number or quantity of books.

    We can also provide the name of a scholar of that particular Institute/ University if so wished, as the author of the study material.

    We have experience of working for four Universities which impart learning and education through Distancelearning mode.

  • Research

    As per demand of client we have capacity to do proper research with primary and secondary sources of society and market. We did the research for 'Knight Queen Group of Industries' and 'India Today' on different topics that was suggested by client.

  • Translation Services

    In a global scenario, customers come from different parts of the globe and so the content needs to be available in different languages and forms so as to reach out to the intended audience. The existence of the content in multiple forms and the need for continuous upgradation has given way to the need for content localization.

    STRAIGHT FORWARD PUBLISHERS PVT. LTD. offers plethora of services in this area to suit varied requirements and budgets.

    Native audio voice-over artists in almost all major languages

    Audio localization of content in almost all major languages

    Text experts to provide language expertise in Text conversations or localization

    Media/Course Production in choice of one of multiple languages

    Independent review of existing content in order to ensure language appropriateness

  • Documentary Making

    We have well equipped in-house production house for documentary making. Our focus area of documentary are-Agricultural development, Historical Heritage and evidence, Animal life and gift of nature. In recent past we have produced a documentary for Knight Queen Group of Industries on 'KALPAVRIKSHA' (Adansonia digitata). Presently we are working on two documentaries on e-Rikshaw, Corporate film and other is Advertisement films.

  • Key Specialists

    Content development, Copy writing, Curriculum and Syllabus development, Research, e-Learning with different methods, e-Lecture, Documentary making. All types and all means teaching learning materials development, Printing, Publications, Survey, Line interaction with focus group.