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Teachers! Do or Die

(An open letter to all the non-trained teachers in the country)

Respected Greetings!
I have been associated with the academics with full dedication for the last 30 years. I have also written and edited many books that help readers get employment, books that provide guidance and magazines offering wide spectum of knowledge. Possibly, I have associated myself with many big and small publication houses. In the last two decades, I have edited hundreds of books related to preparation of civil services examinations and it continues till now. But, it was my misfortune that I never got an opportunity to do anything directly for teachers. Now, I have got this opportunity and I am ecstatic and excited for it. I cannot pay back what you have given to me but again I want to touch your feet. I want to hug you and cry until I get full satisfaction. I vividly remember the day in class 6 when my teacher asked me - what do you want in life, Sanjay Kumar? I immediately said that I wanted moon. And, if you ask me the same question after 44 years, my answer would exactly be the same. Teachers, this is an apt time. I want to share a thing directly from my heart. I have done M.A. from Delhi University in two subjects – History and Journalism. But, one thing is clear that I have not got a perfect teacher after my primary education. I have big regret over it. Here, it would be relevant if I propose some memoir of my two teachers. First was respectable Durgakant Rai who used to teach in lower primary school (District-Vaishali, Block-Lalganj). He taught me from class 1 to 3. Second was respectable Rajendra Prasad Singh (Belsand Middle School, District-Sitamarhi). He taught me in higher primary school. Today, I want to say that I haven’t come across anyone like both of you. Where have those days gone? What has happened to that primary education? Surely, after 7th class, I haven’t read more than a night before the exam. But, with the help of your teachings and blessings, I have been reading till date and why shouldn’t I? After all, I want moon. I won’t be able to pay back to you in all my life.

Origin of D.EL.ED.

It was said in Right to Education Act, 2009, which was implemented in 2010, that those who are teaching without having minimum qualification (Non-trained teachers) will be required to achieve minimum eligibility in 5 years. But, due to many reasons, this program had not met its target in specified time.

There are two problems here – First, what will happen to those teachers who are not fulfilling minimum eligibility. The answer is simple that they will have to lose their jobs. But, this will be immoral and illegal. What fault is their’s (teachers’)? Who have the responsibility to train teachers? Surely, the government has lagged behind in providing opportunities to them. It is government’s responsibility to provide training to teachers. Second, the objective of Right to Education Act, 2009 is also that a student has the right to get taught from a trained teacher. The present government has made endeavour in this direction. Kudos to Modi government and thanks to Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar.

A Way Found

The Centre had made amendments in the Right to Education Act, 2009 and made a provision that those teachers, who have not achieved minimum eligibility, will be given one more opportunity. The employed professors have been instructed to achieve minimum eligibility till March 31, 2019. For this, the responsibility to make syllabus, provide classes, take examination and provide degrees have been given to National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Beware, this is last opportunity. Teachers, do your best!

Examination Policy and Format of Questions

D.EL.Ed. is a course of two years. Earlier, there used to be two sessions of one year each but now it has been divided into four sessions in two years. The present system can be called semester system. There are 10 books in the syllabus. 1. Course-501 : Elementary Education in India: A Socio- Cultural Perspective 2. Course-502 : Pedagogic Processes in Elementary Schools 3. Course-503 : Learning Languages at Elementary Level 4. Course-504 : Learning Mathematics at Elementary Level 5. Course-505 : Learning Environmental Studies at Primary Level 6. Course-506 : Understanding children in inclusive context 7. Course-507 : Community & Elementary Education 8. Course-508 : Learning in Art, Health & Physical and Work Education at Elementary Level 9. Course-509 : Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level 10. Course-510 : Learning Science at Upper Primary Level

On the basis of syllabus, it can be said that a total of 2.5 books will be there in one semester. But, we can wait. This can be discussed in detail afterwards.

We – Straight Forward Publishers Ltd., Delhi, are doing serious research on D.EL.Ed. Earlier, its responsibility was given to NIOS and IGNOU. We were the first in India to publish books for both of them. Apart from that, we had published books for similar kind of courses for Kendriya Vidyalaya, Meghalaya and DIET. All the teachers took advantage of those books and we are grateful for their wishes.

The question format of D.EL.Ed. organised by NIOS is very different from the other D.EL.Ed. examinations. There are four categories of questions in NIOS:

(i) Multiple choice (objective) (ii) Very short answers (iii) Short answers (iv) Long answers (i) Multiple choice (objective): The paper carries total 42 questions. Question number 1 to 15 are objective in nature. All the questions have four options. You will be required to opt correct option. It is possible that you may find more than one option suitable for the answer but you are required to choose the most accurate option. (ii) Very short answers: There are 15 questions of this type. They are generally from question number 16 to 30. These questions are required to be answered in one or two sentences. (iii) Short answers: They are generally from question number 31 and 40. You are required to write answers in 50 words. (iv) Long answers: There are two questions of this type. They are generally question number 41 and 42. You are required to answer in 500 words. Note: There could be a possibility where our few answers do not follow word limit. These are done knowingly so that you do not face any difficulties. We do not know which question will be short answer type and which one will be long answer type.

Right Strategy Right Trick

After observing the world’s history, it becomes clear that all the war have been conquered with a right strategy and a right trick. If you want to win all the challenges of life then you will be required to work on these strategies. On the other hand, as far as the right trick is concerned then you should better understand that it is not a matter of short route and profanity of resources. Many people misunderstand trick as negative thing and they get trapped in the hope of a miracle. You must keep in mind that there is only one formula of Mahatma Gandhi’s life philosophy: The purity of resources only work towards purification of product. You can understand this formula by this way. You all love to drink tea, coffee and other beverages. Have you ever thought - what is the guarantee of good tea? Answer is pretty simple – pure resources which are water, milk, sugar, tea, good flames and clean utensils. You would have understood by now that if quality of resources is good then the result will always be good. Possibly, you must have got keys to success or master key. This is solution to all the problems of life.

Different From League

The alternative to all the products are available in the market and every market has its particular character. But, there are two categories of options – First is to get driven by easy ways or the second is to give solid solution. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Straight Forward Publishers, Delhi, has long research on this subject and we are fortunate to have the blessings of thousands of teachers like you. A look at what is in our book:

Staright Forward presentation Presentation of other books in market
Questions from whole syllabus Questions from half of syllabus
All the four categories of questions in each chapter Not Available
Appropriate selection of question, nature and language in line with NIOS Not Available
The answers are prepared in a manner where you can even answer long questions after Not Available

Only Straight Forward’s books can provide 100 per cent guidance. This is a promise, not an ego.

Don’t Become Fish of Floods

I belong to a village. There is a stream of river Bagmati which is known as river ‘Soram.’ During the summer vacations, I used to enjoy a lot in the mango gardens. And, right in front of it, there was a very clear and thin stream of river ‘Soram.’ As the flood used to come, the farm used to get inundated with waters. We used to catch fishes like Pothiya, Chela and Baghi with thin towels. We used to become a perfect fish catcher with the help of floods. You all are teachers and you are equipped with knowledge and experience. I urge you to not read anything without scanning it completely. I want to make sure that nobody should take advantage of your situation. At present, there is a lot of material related to D.EL.Ed. in the market. You need to be able to filter correct material. As it is a ‘do or die’ situation for you, you should buy a good book and then read it.

First and Last Opportunity

Sometimes, I used to go to the vegetable market with my mother. She was very perfect in scanning vegetables like brinjals, potatoes and onions. She was perfect in ascertaining the quality of vegetables. Now, those experiences are coming handy for me. I have a hunger for books. I have also discussed that reading and writing is my profession and it is natural that I live among books. But, I apply a lot of mind while buying a book. In my opinion every book is good but it should always be bought according to the requirement. Picking anything to read will abort your dreams. You are also in front of similar kind of situation. You should not be like a monkey who misses a branch of a tree or like a farmer who misses time. You have a job and you should save it to excel in life. Hence, become careful and trust us. We will not betray the trust.

The books of Straight Forward will provide you with exactly the study materials that you need. There is nothing in the book which is not required. I know that you have time constraints as well. Hence, don’t get diverted. You should start practicing more.

Teachers, I again touch your feet and apologise for any mistakes that I have committed. We will again do something for D.EL.Ed. Wait for it. Please go through our website ( consistently. At last, I want to make a humble request that you should not forget to share your feedback about the book and your result in the examination. Along with that, you should also share your views about the book with your friends and neighbourhood. All the best !

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Your disciple, Sanjay Kumar Chief Editor E-mail: